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East Outlet House, Moosehead, ME
Dedicated to the heritage of fly fishing
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The History of East Outlet, Mosehead Lake Maine and Wilsons on Moosehead Lake

A history by Don Wilson of the East Outlet at Moosehead Lake Maine as well as the sporting camps, Wilsons on Moosehead Lake, owned and operated by the Wilson family for over 100 years, until 1974.

60 pages, published by Flyfishing University 2006

Don Wilson & His Dad, Don Sr.

Don Wilson grew up on the shores of Moosehead Lake in Maine, at East Outlet, the source of the lake’s largest outlet, the Kennebec River. The family business consisted of a hotel and sporting camps founded by Don’s great-grandfather in 1865. As soon as the law allowed, he guided sportsmen on the lake and surrounding waters. While he no longer guides sportsmen, other than his friends, Don continues to hold a Maine Guide License.


He became a fly fisherman at age twelve, and graduated to a 9-foot Thomas Special bamboo rod at age sixteen. Since then, Don has become an accomplished fly tyer and bamboo rod aficionado, designing and rebuilding rods to his own needs and specifications.


Don has written numerous articles on fish and fishing for newspapers and magazines, and has published several books on flies and fly fishing. He also has given regular presentations to fly-tying and fly fishing groups over a number of years.

Don Wilson is a Maine Guide at heart so when travels professionally across the United States and Canada and, when time allows, he has been known to take a little extra time to fish the local ponds and streams. Wherever he goes, he always takes a fly rod!