FlyAngler Adventures 
Dedicated to the heritage of fly fishing

Bamboo Rods, flies, streamers, baitfish, smelts, patterns and recipes are always in the conversation whenever any two fly anglers meet.  Preserving the "old" while contemplating the "new" will be offered here for you to consider and use when you next wet a line.


Don Wilson is not only an avid flyfisherman, fly tyer and bamboo rod restorer but he has also authored numerous news papers articles, magazine items, written several books on flies and and "matching the hatch", and spoken to fishing groups. He started his writing career in his erarly teens as a columnist for the Moosehead Gazette.

While this website is under construction, this will introduce you to Don Wilson, Maine Guide, fly-tyer, bamboo rod enthusiast and author. 

Until this website is completed, you can find all of Don's fishing publications, Maine antique postcard histories as well as his short stories of Mack Brown, Maine Guide at his business website:'s-fishing-history-publications.

Don Wilson with Brook Trout, Labrador
Wyoming Cutthroat caught during Horseback Pack Trip
Don Wilson , Guide Ron Irving, 35# Atlantic Salmon, Quebec
Don Wilson, Guide Ron Irving, 16# Salmon, New Brunswick
Moosehead Lake Brook Trout